Preetam Rai Introduction

Introducing Preetam Rai. He will be speaking in a breakout session at WordCamp Singapore 2011. He will be covering topics like ideas on content, inspiration and what kind of content is Asia looking for.

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Fang Shihan Interview Vlog

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C.S. Ling Interview Vlog

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Date back to 20th November 2011

IMPORTANT UPDATE: WordCamp is now back on 20th November. This change is final and there will not be anymore changes barring any unforseen circumstances. Our venue is highly sought after and we do not want to clash with TedX event on the 19th. On our behalf, our venue sponsor managed to negotiate for an extension of aircon usage on the 20th, of which is one of our initial concerns. We apologise for any inconvience caused. See you during WordCamp Singapore on 20th November!

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Speaker from Automattic

Philip Arthur Moore is a WordPress Developer and his dream comes true when he joins Automattic as a Theme Wrangler. A United States-born, Hanoi-based expatriate, his job mostly entails spending a great deal of time making, breaking, fixing, and thinking about WordPress themes with his freakishly talented coworkers.

We are very fortunate to have him as our Automattic Representative speaker at a very short notice! Let’s all welcome Philip with open arms and great hospitality!

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New Date for WCSG 2011

UPDATE: The date is 20th November 2011, Sunday. This date is confirmed!

We just received news that the entire building at One Marina Boulevard on 20 Nov 2011 will be shutting the air con down due to major renovation.

Yes. We were shocked and we had to shift the date as we do not want all of us to suffocate during the event. So the confirmed date is now 19th November 2011. It’s a Saturday.

We also realised that 20.11.2011 is a “once-in-a-lifetime” special date that favors couples who are getting engaged and married. Thus, we could not get any pro photographers to cover the event. Fortunately, we are able to get students who are passionate in photography to cover it.

Thus, we think that this date shifting matter is very important and we want you to know the reasons why we are doing this for the sake of everyone who is attending the first-ever WordCamp Singapore 2011.

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Inspiring WordPress Sites from Singapore

The WordPress community in Singapore is a small one but powerful. Surprisingly, there are many top-notch designers and developers who use WordPress without a question. Most of them are bloggers and some of them hire WordPress experts to build their blogs. There are two or three companies that have inspiring WordPress designs and there is one that make it all the way to top of the cream in the entire WordPress community worldwide. These are the websites that inspire us to build better WordPress sites and blogs.

Featured in Showcase

Singapore’s leading travel blog

Crowned Miss Singapore Universe 2011


Jφss Sticks

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Venue Confirmed!

Venue will be at Microsoft Singapore Auditorium, One Marina Boulevard Building at 22nd floor. You have to register at the security counter on the ground floor for a temporary pass.

It’s about 10-15mins walk underground from Raffles MRT station to One Marina Boulevard.


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